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EMP Shield Vehicle Model

EMP Shield Vehicle Model

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EMP & Lightning Protection for Vehicles (DC-12V-W)

EMP Protection                    All Phases an EMP (E1, E2, & E3)

Solar FlaresUp to 228,000 Amps

Lightning Protection 100% Lightning Guarantee Backed By a $25,000 Insurance Policy

Next Generation EMP Protection With Military Certified Testing.

Listed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Why Do I Need EMP Shield?

  • The Government has released an EMP Executive order & Homeland Security is urging people to get prepared quickly!
  • Although the grid may be down, your electrical equipment and home will still be functional if you have EMP Shield. 
  • EMP Shield will ensure your vehicle operates after an EMP helping you get home, save family members, or even get supplies while others cannot.
  • Your home will be 100% protected from lightning saving you thousands of dollars and months of time if you are hit with lightning.
  • If you have a solar system or generator, you will have power and functional equipment while others do not!
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